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The “bones church” (plus a little teaser…)

The Bones Church ~ ~ Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

I’d always been fascinated with death; not that I would ever understand why people die. I’d lost some important people in my life, but to me, still, death was a totally unnecessary, horrible, horrible thing. “Why had they gone and died on me?” was something I’d asked myself too many times. Yet, death fascinated me, […] Read more… ~ Interview with Carolina

by ~ interview with Carolina ~ Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

 Right, you are about to dive in and follow Carolina on her adventures in the bella città… If you haven’t read the novel yet, I invite you to take a peek at Carolina’s interview and find out what her expectations were before she went on that plane to Napoli.   Interviewer: So… at the beginning of […] Read more…